Adelaide Travel Guide

Adelaide SA, Australia

Adelaide Travel Guide

Adelaide – A Multicultural Hub. In 1836, Colonel William Light selected Adelaide Plains as the capital of the new British colony and the region was already inhabited by the Kaurna Aboriginal people for thousands of years. The new settlement, formerly known as Tarndanyangga, which means “place of the red kangaroo,” grew into a culturally diverse city. Named after King George IV’s wife, Adelaide expanded towards the coast, now dotted with a string of laid-back beach suburbs.

The city’s diversity is reflected in its cuisine, with successive waves of immigrants from Germany, Italy, Lebanon, and Japan contributing to its reputation for delicious food and drinks. The German immigrants brought wine-making, transforming Adelaide into a leading wine-producing center.

The 19th-century city center near the Torrens River retains its original charm and provides a glimpse of the colony’s early days. It features a grid of wide, picturesque streets surrounded by a ring of parks, offering an open and green atmosphere. With the blue skies and warmth of the South Australian climate, Adelaide is one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

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